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Front Series C

Raised $59m 2020 from Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2020

Front is the shared inbox for teams.

Series C B2B Business Angels 2020 Apps Collaboration Email SaaS Software Unified Communications

Contentools Seed

Raised 2019 from Accelerator

🇧🇷Brazil • 2019

Contentools develops a content marketing software for businesses that look for website traffic, leads and clients conversion.

Seed B2B Accelerator 2019 Analytics Content Discovery Content Marketing Marketing Automation Social Media Management Software

Yalochat Series A

Raised $8m 2019 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2019

Yalochat is an artificial intelligence company based in San Francisco, California.

Series A B2B VC 2019 Analytics Artificial Intelligence CRM Information Technology

Yaydoo Seed

Raised 2019 from Accelerator

🇲🇽Mexico • 2019

Yaydoo is a procurement platform that streamlines business purchasing using a cloud-based e-procurement software and AI.

Seed B2B Accelerator 2019 Artificial Intelligence B2B Enterprise Software Office Administration Procurement SaaS Software

Backstartup Seed

Raised $800k 2018

🇨🇴Colombia • 2018

All-in-one back office platform for startups and SMEs (Legal, Accounting and Payroll)

Seed B2B 2018 Accounting Financial Services Legal Legal Tech Outsourcing Small and Medium Businesses

Copper Cow Seed

Raised $2m 2018 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2018

Copper Cow Coffee is a premium specialty vietnamese coffee company based in Los Angeles.

Seed B2C VC 2018 Agriculture Coffee Food and Beverage

Harmonica Seed

Raised $150k 2018 from Accelerator

🇪🇬Egypt • 2018

Harmonica offers a marriage-making app in the MENA region.

Seed B2C Accelerator 2018 Dating Mobile Apps Social Network

Home61 Seed

Raised $50k 2018

🇺🇸USA • 2018

Home61 is an online real estate company that helps you find a great place to live in Miami Greater Area.

Seed B2C 2018 Real Estate Real Estate Investment Rental Rental Property

Lexop Seed

Raised $385k 2018 from VC

🇨🇦Canada • 2018

Removing friction from collections by offering the most customer-centric software-as-a-service to world-class companies.

Seed B2B VC 2018 Debt Collections FinTech Payments SaaS Software

Lexyom Seed

Raised 2018

🇱🇧Lebanon • 2018

Lexyom is an online platform providing its users with smart legal answers and tailored legal services using artificial intelligence.

Seed B2C 2018 Artificial Intelligence Legal Legal Tech

Orchard Seed

Raised 2018

🇨🇦Canada • 2018

Easy way to buy and sell used smartphones

Seed B2B 2018 Consumer E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Purple Go Seed

Raised 2018 from Accelerator

🇺🇸USA • 2018

Modern sales and operations platform for retail

Seed B2B Accelerator 2018 B2B Mobile Personalization Retail Technology SaaS

Reflect Seed

Raised 2018 from Accelerator

🇺🇸USA • 2018

Reflect is a mental health platform making in-person therapy more accessible and effective with data.

Seed B2B Accelerator 2018 B2C Health Care Wellness

Salusive health Seed

Raised 2018 from Accelerator

🇺🇸USA • 2018

Salusive Health develops an enterprise health software platform that automates follow-up between visits for patients with chronic disease.

Seed B2C Accelerator 2018 B2B Enterprise Software Health Care Hospital mHealth Personal Health SaaS Software

Staffjoy Seed

Raised $1.2m 2017 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2017

Staffjoy helps automate the process of scheduling shifts for businesses to help managers staff effectively.

Seed B2B VC 2017 Artificial Intelligence Consulting Human Resources Information Technology SaaS Scheduling Small and Medium Businesses Software

Front Series A

Raised $10m 2016 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2016

Front is the shared inbox for teams.

Series A B2B VC Business Angels 2016 Apps Collaboration Email SaaS Software Unified Communications

Metacert Seed

Raised $120k 2016 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2016

MetaCert protects companies from risks when using messenger platforms.

Seed B2B VC Business Angels 2016 Internet Mobile Security

Pendo Series B

Raised $20m 2016 from VC, Corporate

🇺🇸USA • 2016

Pendo is a product cloud creator for digital products and data-driven product teams.

Series B B2B VC Corporate 2016 Analytics Apps Enterprise Software Guides Mobile Product Design Product Management SaaS Software UX Design

Podozi Seed

Raised $100k 2016 from Accelerator

🇺🇸USA • 2016

Podozi is a beauty tech startup solving the problem of finding "right fit" beauty products for people of color.

Seed B2C Accelerator 2016 Beauty E-Commerce Lifestyle Shopping

Vettery Series A

Raised $9m 2016 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2016

Vettery is the trusted hiring marketplace that connects top talent with growing companies.

Series A B2B VC 2016 Internet Recruiting Software

AppVirality Seed

Raised $465k 2015 from Corporate

🇮🇳India • 2015

AppVirality is a plug-and-play growth hacking toolkit for mobile applications.

Seed B2B Corporate 2015 Apps Developer Tools Mobile

Castle Series A

Raised $9.2m 2015 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2015

Castle helps businesses keep their customers’ online accounts safe from human-powered account takeovers.

Series A B2C VC 2015 Cyber Security Fraud Detection Internet Security

Mandae Series A

Raised $1.5m 2015 from VC, Corporate

🇧🇷Brazil • 2015

Mandaê provides air logistics services for packing and delivery.

Series A B2B VC Corporate 2015 Delivery E-Commerce Location Based Services Mobile Shipping

Mapme Seed

Raised $1m 2015 from VC

🇮🇱Israël • 2015

Mapme empowers organizations to hold crowd-sourced maps to visualize, engage, and promote their community.

Seed B2C VC 2015 Communities Crowdsourcing Information Technology Internet Visual Search

SteadyBudget Seed

Raised 2015

🇺🇸USA • 2015

Software for digital marketing professionals and the organizations they run.

Seed B2B 2015 Advertising Software

Staffjoy Seed

Raised $500K 2015 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2015

Staffjoy helps automate the process of scheduling shifts for businesses to help managers staff effectively.

Seed B2B VC 2015 Artificial Intelligence Consulting Human Resources Information Technology SaaS Scheduling Small and Medium Businesses Software

Ad PushUp Seed

Raised $632K 2014 from Business Angels

🇮🇳India • 2014

AdPushup provides a platform to increase a site's ad revenue using advanced i/o testing

Seed B2B Business Angels 2014 Advertising Platforms Apps

eShares (now Carta) Series A

Raised $7M 2014

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Carta is building a global ownership management platform to help companies, investors, and employees manage their equity.

Series A B2C 2014 Finance FinTech Stock Exchanges

Contently Series B

Raised $9M 2014 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Contently helps companies build loyal audiences by managing the workflow of premium content at scale.

Series B B2B VC 2014 Advertising Analytics Content Content Creators Digital Media Enterprise Software

Crew Seed

Raised $2.1M 2014 from Business Angels

🇨🇦Canada • 2014

Crew is a curated platform connecting designers and developers with vetted clients that need website, mobile app, or other design work.

Seed B2C Business Angels 2014 Apps Internet Professional Services

GoCanvas Series D

Raised $9M 2014 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2014

GoCanvas helps organizations automate their business processes, eliminate paperwork and collect and share information via mobile devices.

Series D B2B2C VC Business Angels 2014 Android Cloud Data Services iOS Market Research Mobile Productivity Tools SaaS Video Wireless

ZenPayRoll (Now Gusto) Series A

Raised $20M 2014 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Gusto provides a cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management solution for businesses.

Series A B2B VC 2014 Employee Benefits Enterprise Software Financial Services FinTech Human Resources Personal Finance SaaS

Mattermark Series A

Raised $6.5m 2014 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups.

Series A B2B VC 2014 Big Data Enterprise Software Venture Capital

Mixpanel Series B

Raised $65M 2014 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Mixpanel is an analytics platform for the mobile and web, supporting businesses to study consumer behavior.

Series B B2B VC 2014 Analytics Mobile SaaS Web Browsers

Nutanix Series D

Raised $101M 2014 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Nutanix is a virtualized datacenter platform that provides disruptive datacenter infrastructure solutions for implementing enterprise-class.

Series D B2B VC 2014 Data Center Enterprise Software Software Virtualization

Tinder Series B

Raised $50m 2014 from Corporate

🇺🇸USA • 2014

Tinder anonymously finds people nearby that like each other and connects them if they are both interested.

Series B B2C Corporate 2014 Dating Mobile Search Engine Social Media

Wealthsimple Seed

Raised $1.9M 2014 from VC, Business Angels

🇨🇦Canada • 2014

Wealthsimple is a new kind of financial advisor — one that's intuitive, affordable, and human.

Seed B2C VC Business Angels 2014 Finance Financial Services Impact Investing

Kickfolio (Now App.io) Series A

Raised $1M 2013 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2013

App.io streams your mobile apps from the cloud to any device.

Series A B2B VC 2013 Android Customer Service Enterprise Software Internet Mobile SaaS

Dwolla Series C

Raised $16.5M 2013 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2013

Dwolla is an enterprise payments solution that connects businesses to the banking system.

Series C B2B VC Business Angels 2013 Accounting Banking Developer APIs Financial Services FinTech Mobile Payments Payments

Fittr Seed

Raised $500K 2013

🇮🇳India • 2013

Fitness social network & consultation platform that helps you achieve your Health & Fitness goals.

Seed B2C 2013 Fitness Health Care

Properati Seed

Raised $200K 2013 from VC

🇦🇷Argentina • 2013

Properati is an online and mobile property platform for the real estate market.

Seed B2C VC 2013 E-Commerce Mobile Real Estate

Swipes Seed

Raised 2013

🇺🇸USA • 2013

Interface layer above your work apps.

Seed B2B 2013 Apps Enterprise Software Mobile

Coinbase Seed

Raised $600k 2012

🇺🇸USA • 2012

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet service that allows traders to buy and sell bitcoin.

Seed B2C 2012 Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency E-Commerce Ethereum FinTech Personal Finance Virtual Currency

Intercom Seed

Raised $600K 2012 from Accelerator, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2012

Intercom develops and publishes communications technology to monitor user behavior.

Seed B2B Accelerator Business Angels 2012 Apps CRM Customer Service Marketing Automation Messaging Mobile SaaS Software

Soundwave Seed

Raised $1M 2012 from VC

🇮🇪Ireland • 2012

Soundwave is a music discovery technology company that was acquired by Spotify in Jan 2016.

Seed B2C VC 2012 Android Apps iOS Local Location Based Services Music Real Time Social Media

Buffer Seed

Raised $500K 2011 from Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Social Media Management Software for Growing Brands

Seed B2B Business Angels 2011 Apps Internet Social Media Software

LaunchRock Seed

Raised $800K 2011

🇺🇸USA • 2011

LaunchRock is an online platform that enables its users to create viral "Launching Soon" pages with built in sharing tools and analytics.

Seed B2B 2011 Enterprise Software SaaS Social Media

Manpacks Seed

Raised $500K 2011

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Manpacks is a web-based service delivering men’s essentials such as underwear, razors, condoms, grooming and other products,

Seed B2C 2011 E-Commerce Retail Subscription Service

Square Series C

Raised $100M 2011 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Square is a merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology.

Series C B2B VC 2011 Finance FinTech Hardware Mobile Mobile Payments Payments Software

Yammer Series D

Raised $17M 2011 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Yammer is an enterprise social network that enables employees to collaborate across departments, geographies and business applications.

Series D B2B VC 2011 Collaboration Enterprise Software Messaging Social Network Software

ZIO Studios Series A

Raised $1.3M 2011 from VC

🇨🇴Colombia • 2011

ZIO Studios focuses on the creation of various cross-media, multi-platform experiences, including 3D animations, video games, and more.

Series A B2B VC 2011 Animation Gaming Video Games

Task.ly Seed

Raised 2010

Todo.ly is an easy-to-use online to-do list and task manager powered with natural language processing and semantic analysis.

Seed B2B 2010 Enterprise Software Online Portals Service Industry

AirBnB Seed

Raised $600k 2009 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2009

Airbnb is an online community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations around the world.

Seed B2C VC 2009 Hospitality Marketplace Travel Travel Accommodations

Foursquare Series A

Raised $1.4M 2009 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2009

Foursquare is a location technology platform, powering business solutions and consumer products through a deep understanding of location.

Series A B2B VC Business Angels 2009 Advertising Platforms Apps Big Data Developer APIs Developer Tools Guides Location Based Services Mobile Mobile Advertising Private Social Networking

Moz Series B

Raised $18M 2009 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2009

Moz is a provider of inbound marketing analytics software.

Series B B2B VC 2009 Big Data Search Engine SEO Software

Buzzfeed Series A

Raised $3.5M 2008 from VC, Corporate

🇺🇸USA • 2008

BuzzFeed is a cross-platform digital media company delivering news and entertainment content to a global audience.

Series A B2C VC Corporate 2008 Digital Entertainment Internet Journalism News Publishing Social Social News Video

Uber Seed

Raised $200K 2008

🇺🇸USA • 2008

Uber develops, markets, and operates a ride-sharing mobile application that allows consumers to submit a trip request.

Seed B2C 2008 Mobile Apps Public Transportation Ride Sharing Transportation

AppNexus Seed

Raised $2.5M 2007 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2007

AppNexus provides cloud-based advertising products and services.

Seed B2B VC 2007 Ad Network Advertising Internet Service Industry Software

YouTube Series A

Raised $3.5M 2005 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2005

YouTube, a video-sharing platform, allows users to upload, view, and share videos, including movie and music clips and amateur content.

Series A B2C VC 2005 Internet Music Video


Raised 2004

🇺🇸USA • 2004

Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family.

B2C 2004 Messaging Mobile Mobile Apps Social Social Media Social Network

LinkedIn Series B

Raised $10M 2004 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2004

LinkedIn, a professional networking site, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients.

Series B B2B2C VC 2004 Professional Networking Professional Services Recruiting Social Media Social Recruiting

MySQL Series B

Raised $16M 2003 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2003

MySQL is an open-source database that supports scalable web-based and embedded database applications.

Series B B2B VC 2003 Enterprise Software Lighting Open Source Software


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