Pitch decks to ace your Series C

Learn from pitch decks that convinced Series C investors to get on board

Alan Series C

Raised $54m in 2020 from Private Equity

🇫🇷 France • 2020

Alan is a digital health insurance platform that offers insurance services by focusing on a price-quality ratio health plan.

Series C B2C 2020 Financial Services Health Care FinTech

Front Series C

Raised $59m in 2020 from Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2020

Front is the shared inbox for teams.

Series C B2B Business Angels 2020 Apps Collaboration Email SaaS Software Unified Communications

Dwolla Series C

Raised $16.5M in 2013 from VC, Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2013

Dwolla is an enterprise payments solution that connects businesses to the banking system.

Series C B2B VC Business Angels 2013 Accounting Banking Developer APIs Financial Services FinTech Mobile Payments Payments

Square Series C

Raised $100M in 2011 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Square is a merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company that aims to simplify commerce through technology.

Series C B2B VC 2011 Finance FinTech Hardware Mobile Mobile Payments Payments Software


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