Best E-Commerce pitch decks

Discover great pitch decks from E-Commerce companies that have attracted investors.

Pruvo Seed

Raised $1.1m in 2020 from VC

🇮🇱Israël • 2020

Pruvo is an AI-driven solution company that increases profitability for travelers and travel companies.

Seed B2C VC 2020 Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce Hospitality Internet Travel

Orchard Seed

Raised in 2018

🇨🇦Canada • 2018

Easy way to buy and sell used smartphones

Seed B2B 2018 Consumer E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Podozi Seed

Raised $100k in 2016 from Accelerator

🇺🇸USA • 2016

Podozi is a beauty tech startup solving the problem of finding "right fit" beauty products for people of color.

Seed B2C Accelerator 2016 Beauty E-Commerce Lifestyle Shopping

Mandae Series A

Raised $1.5m in 2015 from VC, Corporate

🇧🇷Brazil • 2015

Mandaê provides air logistics services for packing and delivery.

Series A B2B VC Corporate 2015 Delivery E-Commerce Location Based Services Mobile Shipping

Properati Seed

Raised $200K in 2013 from VC

🇦🇷Argentina • 2013

Properati is an online and mobile property platform for the real estate market.

Seed B2C VC 2013 E-Commerce Mobile Real Estate

Coinbase Seed

Raised $600k in 2012

🇺🇸USA • 2012

Coinbase is a digital currency wallet service that allows traders to buy and sell bitcoin.

Seed B2C 2012 Bitcoin Blockchain Cryptocurrency E-Commerce Ethereum FinTech Personal Finance Virtual Currency

Manpacks Seed

Raised $500K in 2011

🇺🇸USA • 2011

Manpacks is a web-based service delivering men’s essentials such as underwear, razors, condoms, grooming and other products,

Seed B2C 2011 E-Commerce Retail Subscription Service


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