The best pitch decks of 2020

Alan Series C

Raised $54m in 2020 from Private Equity

🇫🇷 France • 2020

Alan is a digital health insurance platform that offers insurance services by focusing on a price-quality ratio health plan.

Series C B2C 2020 Financial Services Health Care FinTech

Front Series C

Raised $59m in 2020 from Business Angels

🇺🇸USA • 2020

Front is the shared inbox for teams.

Series C B2B Business Angels 2020 Apps Collaboration Email SaaS Software Unified Communications

Abwaab Pre-Seed

Raised $2.4m in 2020 from VC

🇯🇴Jordan • 2020

An online learning platform that is changing the way students learn outside the classroom.

B2C VC 2020

Arextech Seed

Raised $700k in 2020

🇨🇦Canada • 2020

Arextech vision is to fully digitalize the real estate transaction process for any kind of transaction and user

Seed B2B 2020 Blockchain Commercial Real Estate Information Technology Real Estate Real Estate Investment Software

Pruvo Seed

Raised $1.1m in 2020 from VC

🇮🇱Israël • 2020

Pruvo is an AI-driven solution company that increases profitability for travelers and travel companies.

Seed B2C VC 2020 Artificial Intelligence E-Commerce Hospitality Internet Travel

Nourish3d Seed

Raised £2m in 2020 from VC, Business Angels

🇬🇧United Kingdom • 2020

Nourish3d offers daily vitamins and nutrients conveniently 3D printed into a tasty fruity, gummy stack.

Seed B2C VC Business Angels 2020 Fitness Personal Health Wellness


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