The best pitch decks of 2019

Contentools Seed

Raised in 2019 from Accelerator

🇧🇷Brazil • 2019

Contentools develops a content marketing software for businesses that look for website traffic, leads and clients conversion.

Seed B2B Accelerator 2019 Analytics Content Discovery Content Marketing Marketing Automation Social Media Management Software

Yalochat Series A

Raised $8m in 2019 from VC

🇺🇸USA • 2019

Yalochat is an artificial intelligence company based in San Francisco, California.

Series A B2B VC 2019 Analytics Artificial Intelligence CRM Information Technology

Yaydoo Seed

Raised in 2019 from Accelerator

🇲🇽Mexico • 2019

Yaydoo is a procurement platform that streamlines business purchasing using a cloud-based e-procurement software and AI.

Seed B2B Accelerator 2019 Artificial Intelligence B2B Enterprise Software Office Administration Procurement SaaS Software


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